Ranma's I Love UN Page!!

Oh my, to get beaten not once, not twice, but three times to a bunch of "fucking newbies" as those swearing, trash talking, whining, spectator abusing, wise-ass, no-class bastards said..

TFO, Canalzone 10 on 10, MC vs. UN

The frag count. Looks like we won here 235-144..

The spot point count. 180-147. A win both ways.. Along with some well deserved moo-ing after such witty comments brought up that day such as, "let's kick these puny MC asses"

DW2, 2fort4 12 on 12, MC vs. UN

2fort4 win, second win in a row against UN. 309-210, nearly 3 kills for every 2 they got.

2fort4 win, third win against UN. 370-359, a bit closer, but not close enough.

I had the priveledge to attend all 3 games against these guys (along with Lo-Go, miMic, Wolfer, Gath, Sector and Damn), all with the same thing occuring.. same swearing, same trash talking, same condescending attitude.. lucky me. I really really hope that we never play these guys down the road ever again, bursting their ego bubble every single time gets boring after a while.