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slick phone
<@slick`> i heard the thing ring <@slick`> so i picked up the remote control and said hello

2006-10-26  [MiQ] Win
2006-10-24  =6thAD= Loss
2006-10-22  =MNC= Win
2006-10-18  [DAWGS] Win
Mumble Voice Chat: Port: 64738 PW: Ask Us

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Still here
2016-04-02 @ 23:20:48 mythos (Council)
If you're looking for any remnants of [MC] you'll find us on steam or mirc. We mostly play random games these days, you could also hop on mumble just drop me a line on steam of mirc if you need access.

Blackgate Server (cont'd)
2012-09-10 @ 18:08:58 mythos (Council)

    Mercenaries [MC] Guild is OFFICIALLY transferring servers to the world Blackgate. We ask all members to please switch as soon as possible while server transfers are still free we also ask you to pass the word to any friends or family members in the guild.

How to transfer servers: Go to the character selection screen, click the world selection button and finally select Blackgate.

Some of you are aware of the growing problem on Northern Shiverpeaks. The community within our server has become unstable with a consistently deteriorating user base. Weve gone from being one of the most populated and most successful WvWvW servers to one of the worst servers.   From the beginning of Team Legacys absence, many others have followed suit such as the Ascension Alliance and [Ruin].  Over the course of two weeks we have continued to hemorrhage players from the server.

In an attempt to salvage the situation, Mercenaries [MC] joined the Mist Alliance to try and fill the void left by the other guilds.  However after a week, weve observed the situation taking a turn for the worse and key guilds from the Mist Alliance have decided to go the route of server transfer.

While we have tried to tough it out, there comes a time when you realize the situation is unsalvageable. We believe that it is in the guilds best interest to transfer to retain the enjoyment and competitiveness of WvWvW.  We understand that it can be discouraging to join WvWvW, be spawn camped, and vastly outnumbered by the enemy 24/7 without a single capture point in grasp.

Going from being a high population server to a low population server also affects PvE play.  Establishing parties outside of the guild for dungeons has become extremely difficult, as well as capitals and home cities of each race are emptying out. Many of the level 70-80 player versus environment are completely event driven, requiring people to be around to progress through the bigger events.

We have selected Blackgate as our new home server due to the population stability, as well as being a moderately competitive world.  We have evaluated the WvWvW queue times, and they have been around 5-15 minutes long, with us never being outmanned.

If you need any additional information about the transfer message Locke, Enas Mythos, My Stic, or Wonder Momo.

Blackgate Server
2012-09-10 @ 10:07:54 KC^JR (Council)

After a long discussion with the council and guild members it was decided to move from Northern Shiverpeaks to Blackgate.  The decision was a tough one, but in the end it was needed.  We are still recruiting and we welcome PvX players.  Hope to see you on the battle field!

The Blackgate community has a webpage which is located here Blackgate Community

Also last night "The Mist" alliance had a meeting with all the guild leaders.   It was decided to not move forward with it due to the mass amounts of people leaving Northern Shiverpeaks world.

The Mist is coming!
2012-09-06 @ 11:23:01 KC^JR (Council)

Today is a great day folks!

The Mercenaries Guild has joined up with the Mist Alliance, which is a group of guilds on Northern Shiverpeaks.  The details of this Alliance are still being worked out as the number of guilds joining are still growing.  Once the new web page, communications and total number of guilds are figured out I will give everyone an update.  But for now you can check out the community at Northern Shiverpeaks Community.

Also in other news due to this Alliance happening we are also still recruiting to increase our WvWvW numbers.  If your interested in being a part of an amazing community and group of players head over to our forums, register and post here Recruitment Thread

Northern Shiverpeaks
2012-08-22 @ 13:05:47 locke (Council)

Guild Wars 2 will be launched at midnight PST on Aug. 24th.(9pm-12amPST or 12am-3amEST) The servers will be turned on 3 hours before midnight launch. We will all be on mumble getting ready for the launch to group up together and try to run through the game as far as we can. [MC] will be playing on Northern Shiverpeaks, if you are interested in joining us please make a post in the recruitment thread.

*Server change Sorrows Furance -> Northern Shiverpeaks

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