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A glimpse into the past...

"The Mercenaries Clan"


Legend of Moo

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(ala 1997')
In the begining there was =Sector=Man=. a late night Warrior and Rocket wheeling privateer. Sector being an old veteran of DM, a.k.a. ElTigre, who sought out new challenges and battles to fight. When one mystical night he stumbled onto his old friend and fellow DM'er Rictor. Rictor told ElTigre of a new battle that was raging across the Cyber Universe called TeamFortress. It was on this night that ElTigre Became =Sector=Man=.

Shortly after, Rictor's services were solicted by GothicTerror one of the finest fighting forces in all of Team Fortress. Sector was once again alone, left to aimlessly wander from battle to battle. This left him searching for his own place in this havoc stricken desolate world of Team Fortress. He soon discovered the Braveheart Wars. BH was a place of great competition featuring many of TF's best warriors. This is where Sector would make new allies in the struggle.

The idea of these new allies fighting together in one cohesive unit to enhance their own success was too much for sector to ignore. Gath and Ranma were the first to see that this association could be a great one. The multitalented Vortex and maCks were soon to follow. Vidal Hard, Methlord and Eulogy added themselves to the group which now was gaining such a presence a name was needed to identify them.

The Mercenary Clan was born.

Rumors say that we are for hire. Contact us yourself and find out. If you ever need the best you need not look further than MC.