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2006-10-26  [MiQ] Win
2006-10-24  =6thAD= Loss
2006-10-22  =MNC= Win
2006-10-18  [DAWGS] Win
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Total games:
Wins / Loss: 206 / 93
        [34]  Quake 3 Fortress
        [178]  QuakeWorld: Team Fortress
        [74]  Battlefield 2
        [13]  Battlefield Vietnam
2005-03-16 (TWL) vs -=ATD=- on Cambodian Incursion Win R1 R2 OT
2005-03-09 (TWL) vs ·bd· on Cambodian Incursion Win R1 R2 OT
2005-02-23 (TWL) vs -FdM- on Cambodian Incursion Win R1 R2 OT
2005-02-15 (TWL) vs [MiQ] on Iron Assault Loss R1 R2 OT
2005-02-07 (TWL) vs {HHx} on Cambodian Incursion Win R1 R2 OT
2005-01-25 (TWL) vs |BoS| on Cambodian Incursion Win R1 R2 OT
2005-01-19 (TWL) vs =:187th:= on Quang Tri-1972 Win R1 R2 OT
2005-01-13 (TWL) vs ELF on Ho Chi Minh Trail Win R1 R2 OT
2005-01-06 (TWL) vs -FdM- on Fall of Lang Vei Win R1 R2 OT
2004-12-29 (TWL) vs [AcL] on Quang Tri-1968 Loss R1 R2 OT
2004-12-18 (TWL) vs [WoW] on Hue 1968 Win R1 R2 OT
2004-12-08 (TWL) vs (-(LS)-) on Reclaiming Hue Win R1 R2 OT
2004-11-27 (TWL) vs |JsF| on Fall of Lang Vei Loss R1 R2 OT