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lego hates etf
<lego`> i might go back to qwtf. <lego`> if im gonna play a dead game, it might as well be the best <lego`> :/

2006-10-26  [MiQ] Win
2006-10-24  =6thAD= Loss
2006-10-22  =MNC= Win
2006-10-18  [DAWGS] Win
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Recent Developments
2006-10-25 @ 17:38:29 ()
Well well well.. The past few weeks have been very busy & hectic here at [MC]. We had growing ego and trust issues in the clan with a few of our players, and the shit finally hit the fan right before week6s match. Nonetheless we were able to field 8 for week6s match against team Paradigm Shift. I'd say we did pretty well considering all the e-drama that was going down in MC. GG -P- and good luck with the rest of your season. When all the bullshit d.rama was said and done we ended up losing two members, one of which surprised me VERY much.

On a lighter note, we managed to get our shit together just in time for week7s match against ~e0w~, despite our loss of members from the previous week. We were able to pull of a pretty solid win against ~e0w~. The match was a lot of fun, and most of us were looking to make up for last week's unfortunate events. This match was shoutcasted by EGLN, you can get it here.

PS. I would like to welcome Glock9MM to the MC family.

Rain of Fire
2006-10-04 @ 03:40:40 locke (Council)
This week we played on Strike of Karkand vs [20ID]: Team Poppycock. We played the first round on [MC] server and [20ID] choose to be MEC first. At the beginning of first round we were bleeding, we needed a flag, everything went wrong, armor was gone, almost all our infantry were dead but Zen(Zenetusken), Snp(F0ku), and Tommy. As the three worked together moved towards the Hotel flag, reinforcements came at full speed. Pure's daring dash out of his APC and onto the flag started to take the flag down, and then joined by Snp, Zen, and Tommy. The flag was going down fast, Leo(Nyarlathotep) in the tank took out Zen, and all of [20ID]s infantry near hotel. The bleed stopped, tickets were close 70-80. [MC] secured the flag, arty was dropping from both sides. [20ID] kept the pressure on Hotel flag, [MC]s infantry kept them at bay. [MC] went on the offensive, [20ID] was being pushed back, Natas, Mythos, Zen, went straight for square only to neutralize it before being killed by the tank. This time [20ID] countered with a full force straight for Hotel flag. [20ID] jumped on to the Hotel flag, there a five on five infantry battle started, anti-tank, assault, and med kit. [MC] won holding the flag, and quickly countered back to square. Arty fell on Leo, and me. The tank and commander were dead, and tickets were 20 to 10 now. Pure took out some infantry in the alley, arty took out some on the roof, Tommy took out the tank, 1 ticket left, Zen rockets the last guy. Round ended, 14-0 [MC].

Round 2 we swapped servers and went on [20ID]'s server. This time [MC] was MEC. We kept a tight defense on the Hotel flag, making sure nothing passed. Although the Hotel flag started out as a tag game. We lost the flag, grabbed it back, lost it again, grabbed it again, but each time we lost the flag, it was only to be neutralize never in full control of [20ID]. Only towards the end when [20ID] had 7 tickets left, did they grab Hotel, and stop the bleed. [MC] sent a full rush through the alley and killed off their infantry, grabbing Hotel flag, and the last kill to end the round, 44-0 [MC].
GG [20ID]: Team Poppycock.

Great job [MC], our strat evolved every time we played, and we never stopped working on it till we all got it right, even to the last seconds till match time. Everything worked out in the end, we played our best, and the result shows that. There is still more to do, we cant stop till there is nowhere to go, even then, well find a way.

In other news of [MC], the Forums are finally up and running, but the Battle page screenshots are still down at the moment.

In TWL [MC] are rank 10 in 5's, and rank 21 in 8's, still undefeated in both ladders. Hopefully those ranks will change after this week.

Also, [MC] will be joining Cal's new league 5vs5.

2006-09-15 @ 00:51:25 locke (Council)
We had two TWL matches just right after the Cal match.
First match was vs UGHQ on TWL 5vs5.

First round was going pretty bad for us and we didn't play as well as we were planning. To make matters worse in the middle my internet died and I couldn't reconnect to the server. We were playing 4 vs 5 for a while, and lost round 1 by 12-0.

In round two Tommy took my place and played in the scrim with Natas, Zen, Pure, and Leo. They ended the round real fast 75-0.

Third round came ended with 47-0. Even though they gave up when they had 10 tickets left, 3 of their members left, and the last two went in vehicles and arty the last base when we were capping it. GG UGHQ.

Today's TWL match was 8vs8 vs (B.T.). The whole match was a blur to me. It happened to fast.

First round we were MEC, (B.T.) kept trying to go around and cap out main, they almost had it but Leo, Mythos, Pure, Zen, and Locke went back and killed every one of them dead. Then their tank pushed for hotel, but was killed off at Hotel by Tommy and Snp. (B.T.) bled out, 72-0.

Second round we just pushed for hotel, capped out, pushed for square, capped out, surrounded market killed everyone, and then capped it. (B.T.) was capped out, ended 71-0. GG (B.T.).

In other news, our web master, Snp is recently working on new website, and Mythos will be working on a new forums. Hopefully forums will be up by this weekend.

2006-09-13 @ 02:50:59 locke (Council)
The forums are still down, we are working on a new forum at the moment please be patient.

The first match this week we had was in TWL 5vs5 vs [DAWGS] on Strike of Karkand. This will be our 2nd match against [DAWGS], we played them once in cal 8vs8 preseason.
Rnd 1 was 19-0, [MC].
Rnd 2 was 2-4 [DAWGS].
Rnd 3 was 81-0 [MC].
Without the bleed on MEC side Karkand becomes a turtle map. gg [DAWGS].

Now for the today's news. Today [MC] played against =|BtK|= on cal-m 8vs8 week 2. The odds were against us, we were predicted to lose in almost every prediction. To make matters worse, even though our 4 day practice scrimming at least 4 times, we couldn't find the right pace for Dalian. We tried many different ideas but only to fail at every turn, it looked real grim for us, and it was match night to make it worse. We could not be dismayed, we had to focus and play it out, and more importantly we had to win.

In round 1 of Dalian Plant, [MC] went on =|BtK|='s US server and was China first. At the last moment Natas and Mythos decided to change the plan at the beginning, reluctantly I agreed. At the start both teams had two flags, but the infantry squad, Natas, Mythos, Zen, and Pure were putting pressure on =|BtK|='s main. =|BtK|= had the chopper up, Leo was stuck in a ditch, but Mythos shot down the chopper. The battle for their main raged on, back and forth, the infantry team for the flag down to white and started to clean up the flag, just then Power Plant was under attack by a mass group. Natas, and Zen spawn back to main, their quick thinking saves the flag. Tommy still at Main Entrance, was an iron wall to =|BtK|= from the Main Entrance flag. Leo was also at Main Entrance supporting Tommy, if he wasn't to busy running over the commander. As the chopper continue to try to take off, Snp came rolling down Power Plant to take out the chopper, making it useless the rest of the round. =|BtK|= were bleeding and surrounded, they had no where to go, and nothing they could do. Round ended 33-0.

Round 2 was a different story. [MC] had all the flags but Power Plant, =|BtK|= was bleeding but not less then a min =|BtK|= captured Reactor Tower and took the chopper. The chopper was in the air, [MC] still had the AA tank and held the two flags, even with the chopper in the air. It was a push back and forth from Construction to Power Plant. With our team continuous damaging the chopper , =|BtK|= were afraid to lose it so they continued to return to the helo pad for repairs. That was the opportunity we took to advance and kill as many =|BtK|= as we could. With the tickets running lower and lower, and a 5 ticket difference, everyone was playing safe, =|BtK|= chopper was hiding from our AA tank, but [MC] advanced into Power Plant and killed the tickets need to make the round end, 3-0. [MC] won 2-0. gg =|BtK|=.

For some reason, this seems to be our worse map. All the scrims, and practices we had on this map never went the way we expect and things will go wrong. Although even if scrims and practices went bad, we showed for our match prepared and determined. During the match we worked as a team, a unit. When there was a flaw, we made sure someone was there to patch it. Without that, we would have not made almost every prediction for this match wrong. We should remember last week's practice, for we still have a lot to learn from each other, and the difficulty is going to follow as we advance.
GJ [MC], this is just the beginning for us.

2006-09-08 @ 13:04:39 locke (Council)
Been having some difficulty with the forums, it will be down until we fix the problem.

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