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2006-10-26  [MiQ] Win
2006-10-24  =6thAD= Loss
2006-10-22  =MNC= Win
2006-10-18  [DAWGS] Win
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Shakey start
2006-09-07 @ 02:48:19 locke (Council)
This week been busy, we been practicing a lot for our match vs HOT on stalemate all week, and playing the twl match vs (B!S) on Monday in 8's, and expecting to play a 5's match but the other team forfeit.

The 8's match was on clean sweep and it went pretty fast even though that map is definitely not made for competition. We won 129-0. gg (B!S).
The 5's was a disappointment, waited all weekend for the other team to accept the challenge and pick a date but they waited to long and got a forfeit for it.

For Cal match, we have been scrimming for that match every night working on a strat. Things went pretty smoothly and we been doing really well as a team. We played really well in match but made a few mistakes that hurt us during the match, but in the end we played hard and to the end. No matter what we'll play and grow as a team and learn from our mistakes, and win as a team. We lost the match, 0-119. gg HOT.

For next week we have a busy schedule once again. We will be practicing with bf2 patch 1.4 and bf2pro patch for Cal. These new patches should make competition a lot more interesting and fun.

Good luck, and see you soon.

Season 4
2006-09-04 @ 09:43:34 locke (Council)
After a successful of 2 days of MC CON the fun was over. Old and new [MC] members came to the gathering, Mythos, Locke, Nemesis, Lupo, Jeffed, Mach, Rikimaru, Garret, Elkan, and George.

In recent news [MC] lost many active members due to lost of interest in bf2, but we are still strong, if not stronger then before, and still competing in Cal 8vs8. [MC] has moved up in rank in Cal, from Cal-O to Cal-M. Our preseason ended with 3-1 with one forfeit lost and one forfeit win. Now regular season started, Cal-bf2 will be using bf2pro. [MC] will be playing Team Hot on Songhua Stalemate, this Tuesday.

Also [MC] welcomes our new recruit to the clan, GNR_802.

MC CON Day 1
2006-08-19 @ 17:10:33 locke (Council)
Started today mc con.

Started today..
2006-08-09 @ 00:03:24 locke (Council)
Cal season 4 started today with a new custom map called Inishail Forest. We played against MU(Massive Unit) in first week of preseason. This was [MC] first time playing with this map, we didnít have any practice for it since everyone was still on vacation and today had just enough to play. During the match everyone was playing the map for the first time. We didnít know the map at all and vehicle movement in it either. Pretty much winged it all the way.

First round [MC] was USMC, we sent everyone in middle since the middle flag was the only place to cap. Hard long fight in the middle taking the flag. The armor team dominated the hill and kept everything at bay to keep the bleed on MU. Ending the round 65-0 [MC].

Round 2 [MC] was China, and Pure[MC] our APC driver was to transport the squad to the middle flag only to get lost on the way. While in the middle the infantry squad took the flag and lost it at the same time again and again and again. MU squad leader was pretty much a ghost since no one could find him. While Locke[MC] was attempting to jihad their vehicles but hit everything else but the damn armor or vehicles. MU kept the middle 0-49 MU.

Third round [MC] played USMC and tried a different idea. The armor went on the road this time to try to hold on to the road, but that didnít last. The flag was taken and lost by either side most of the time. [MC] infantry squad had difficulty in middle but kept the flag majority of the time. While Sn3wp[MC] and Locke[MC] c4 jeep everything MU had. Sn3wp kept MU team on their toes the whole time in their main taking out the UAV, Scanners, and Artillery. When Locke[MC] had more luck this time taking out their armors and vehicles. While the armor squad kept the pressure on the only entrance MU had. In the end [MC] won 41-0.

Also welcome home to Mythos, Pope, and Locke.

News News News
2006-07-28 @ 22:07:05 locke (Council)
[MC] is looking for some long term, dedicated players to join us in s4 of Cal-bf2 and into future games(Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.) Please contact me through forums, xfire, or irc.
xfire: lockei
irc: locke/locke[MC] #mercenaries

With Cal season 3 over, [MC] joined the 5vs5, and 8vs8 TWL ladder till season 4 starts.

Mythos, and Pope has gone away for vacation.

[MC] recruited a new member Tommy. Welcome aboard Tommy.

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