The Legend of Moo

In days of old, where The Mercenaries had less than 10 members, there were three warriors on an empty server. These warriors, Lo-Go, a skilled soldier, Sector Man, another skilled soldier and Ranma a renegade sniper were passing the time chatting about past battles and the like. At the time, Lo-Go was looking for a name.. It seems that he couldn't find a name that would strike fear in the hearts of many. Many came forth, but the formidable name of 'Q-Cow[MC]' came up near the ending of this meeting. Ranma, the sniper, had just recently learned how to bind messages to keys in console a few days back. Poking fun at that Devastating name, Ranma quickly binded 'say Moo!' to a key and pressed it many a time joyfully, in days where unsilenceable spamming was painfully endured by the masses.

Another day, another server, Ranma as a sniper pulled off a capture of the opponents flag. Accidentally binded over Ranma's battle cry of "Woo!" was the bovine retort of "Moo!" It was quite a surprise to the flag capturer, as well as the other people on the server, but at the same time, it amused him quite a bit. From then on, "Moo!" was Ranma's unique battle cry. Many moons have passed, and Ranma's sniper rifle was put down in exchange for more offensive minded weapons. With this being such, the battle cry was then heard more often by enemies as well as teammates. The cry of moo, signifying not only victory over the enemy but at times an expression of fulfillment was soon picked up by fellow Mercenaries, until it has grown to what it is today. Thus is the legend of Moo. May its resounding call pierce through battlefields in the many battles to come.


Postscript: Well it's been over 4 months since moo was first uttered by me, and yeah, it's getting a bit repetitive. But hey, it's still is fun to do, especially after caps and at the end of games. Also yeah, I didn't know how to bind stuff, hey, I only started playing quake in April. The story above is true, but the part about 'signifying victory' and stuff, well, it did make a good ending didn't it? (It's just a cow sound.. don't think too deeply into it. hehe)