Idea for clan brought up
June 3, 1997 -Ranma
=Sector=Man= first brought up the idea of a clan. Everyone in this group either played on BH's server or was a friend of Sector's. The surprise member stated below was Sector's friend Rictor[GT], who would play with us as our clan started off as RigorousQ/RQ[MC]. Below is the mail that was forwarded to wolfer, (I didn't even get it. haha) maCks wasn't a part of this clan till a bit later, and the server (set up at sector's workplace) that was referred to by sector wasn't good.. Everyone's ping shot up to 999 every 30 seconds or so. That server was scrapped later and our clan was serverless 'till the Madfellas came around.
From: Myers Scott 
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 1997 2:16 AM
To: 'GATH' 
Cc: 'Vortex'; 'SVH-AOL' 
Subject: New Clan 
After playing QW for about 6 months now... and I feel that TF is the
way to go... 
I think I'm ready to be in a "Clan". I've been asked before.. and even 
accepted but the one that I joined , not to mention any names [Shroud], 
never did anything interesting. Sure they had a Web page and a Clan 
Skin (all black) but they never stayed in contact. I want to start a 
clan that communicates, practices, competes and wins together. We would 
also have a WebSite, IRC and the goodies associated with a great Clan. 
As of yet there is no name no clan logo. Many things need to be done. 
All we need is about five people to start the rest will come. 
Oh... and did mention.... yes there will be a clan server. 

ps- So let's be co-founders ... All of us. 
Initial Members (assuming they want to) so far
1 - Vortex 
2 - Zeus 
3 - macKs
4 - Ranma 
5 - =Sector=Man= 
6 - ~Suprise Member~ 

Naming of the clan
June 10, 1997 -Ranma
The first order of business was to name the clan. Notice how 'Mercenaries' wasn't even a part of the list..
From:	Myers Scott 
Sent:	Tuesday, June 10, 1997 3:59 PM
To:	'Ranma'; 'GATH'; Pickett Kevin; Pomata Mark; Song Tae; 'Vortex'
Subject:	New Clan


Previously,  I've contacted each of you regarding a new clan.  As of
yet it does not have a name.  This should be our first order of
business so that we can get on with things such as ; a clan logo,
skin, web page...,etc.  The suggestions so far ( the ones that don't
violate FCC regulations) are:

            1 - Black Company Clan
            2 - Horned Helmet Clan
            3 - The Predators
            4 - Marauders
            5 - Mideval Warriors

These are all great suggestions (though they came from only three of
us),  lets throw some more in by this weekend and have a vote by 6/20
( or sooner).  Soon we should
all get together in an IRC and chat about things and get to know the
other members.
Feel free to invite others into the clan... As of know everyone listed
is in.  You have all
already proved yourselves in previous battles that we have had
together or against each other.  We need more 'quality' TF players.
Thats all for now.  Send any suggestions
about anything to me at this email address (


Naming of the Clan(pt.2)
June 16, 1997 -Ranma
Here is a longer list of Clan Names.. I didn't like most of the names in the first mail, except for maybe 'Predators'. I think that got my second place vote..
From:	Myers Scott 
Sent:	Monday, June 16, 1997 8:25 AM
To:	Song Tae; 'Vortex'; 'Ranma'; 'GATH'; Pomata Mark; Pickett Kevin
Subject:	Clan Name

Fellow Fraggers,

I need your final vote on a Clan name by Wednesday... due to our
somewhat underwhelming response to this question the choices are:

Horned Helmet Clan [HH] or [HHC]
Black Company [BC] or [BCC]
Predators [P] or [PC]
Mideval Warriors [MW]
TF Predators [TFP]
Marauders [MC]
TF Marauders [TFM]
The Ancients [A] or [TA]
The Nobles [N] or [TN]

If any of these already exist please let me know.
Please indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices or rank them all. Thanx.


Naming of the Clan(pt.3)
June 16, 1997 -Ranma
Ahh.. Finally my first place vote came through.
From:	Myers Scott 
To:	"''" , Song Tae , "'GATH'" ,
	Pomata Mark , "'Vortex'" , Pickett Kevin 
Subject: Clan name
Date:	Mon, 16 Jun 1997 10:15:26 -1000
X-Priority: 3
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.0.1457.3)
Content-Type: text/plain
X-UID: 111
Status: RO
X-Status: A

Given the way this Clan was conceived I thought the last choice was too
appropriate to leave out of the list.  If you don't mind please cast
your first 3 picks again... Just reply with a  (1), (2) and (3) next to
your top 3 picks.  Thanx.  - Sector -

Horned Helmet Clan [HH] or [HHC]   
Black Company [BC] or [BCC]
Predators [P] or [PC]                                 
Medieval Warriors [MW]                           
TF Predators [TFP]
Marauders [MC]                     
TF Marauders [TFM]              
The Ancients [A] or [TA]         
The Nobles [N] or [TN]           
The Mercenaries             

New Member 'unnamed'
June 17, 1997 -Ranma
Logo however, unnamed at the time (and for the next month or so) joins the ranks of the Mercenaries bringing the member count to 6.

The Mercenaries
June 18, 1997 -Ranma
This e-mail Subject 'Clan Name Results' speaks for itself. Wouldn't it suck if we were called the Horned Helmet Clan? haha.

The current members at this were Vortex, RigorousQ, Gath, Logo, Ranma and SectorMan.
From:	Myers Scott 
Sent:	Wednesday, June 18, 1997 3:27 PM
To:	'Vortex'; Song Tae; 'GATH'; 'QG'; 'Ranma'; DeMio Brooks
Subject:	Clan Name Results

The way the voting has been calculated is as follows:
There were 6 people who voted (some were apathetic and just want to
frag people) ... Those people were asked to rank their top three
choices...  So there were 6 rounds and 3 votes each round... if the
choice did not receive a (1), (2) or (3) vote then it was given a (4)
for that round.  The lowest tally would be the winner.  Only one name
received votes in every round and that was the winner.  

Marauders [MC]                1     3 3 3 3 4 = 17
The Ancients [A] or [TA]       3  2 2 4 4 4  = 19
The Mercenaries             2 2 2 1 2 1 = 10

Our clan name is  :            The Mercenaries  [MC]
Great choice !  Very appropiate too because of the way this clan has
so far been put together.  And two of our members will occasionally
play for other clans.  If any of you has any strong objections to this
choice please feel free to let me know.

Our clan seal must now be made...   if any of you wants to help me do
this please tell me.  Otherwise it will be up to my own (somewhat
suspect) artistic talents.  

Also,  by weeks end I'm going to choose a server for us to practice on
and then schedule it.  Again any sugestions will be appreciated.  If
you haven't already notified me of your ideal practice times please do
so.  Thanx.



June 23, 1997 -Ranma
New member maCks joins the ranks of the mercenaries making it 7, and StealthRT is being sought out by Sector..

Old School Members
June 28, 1997 -Ranma
Two old school members, Vidal Hart and StealthRT both deep in the history of TF join the ranks of the Mercenaries. MemberCount:9.

[MC] name Problems
July 6, 1997 -Ranma
Another clan (currently named Clan Iron) takes the name Mercenaries. After some conferring between the clans, an agreement is later formed between the two clans and the name is once again ours. (We registered the name first.. just some filing problems by TFClans) I believe that we were supposed to lend them some players for matches etc. but we haven't heard from them since.

Many Many Recruits
July 8, 1997 -Ranma
Eulogy, formerly Undertow[BH], Mimic an amazing sniper along with Cataclysm (formerly known as Sniper Sureshot) and Methlord all join the Mercenaries. This here being the largest mass 'recruitment' in Mercenary History

Llama Time!
July 14, 1997 -Ranma
Our two first Llamas *bleat* enter our clan their names being Wolfer and Phooey. I think we made them run laps around 2fort4. haha j/k. Phooey would lose his Llama status after a practice and the next match, but Wolfer, He disappeared for a while. Rumor says that he joined up with some wandering gypsys to pursue his singing career.

First Scrimmage & Llama time
July 16, 1997 -Ranma
Our first scrimmage is against Clan Hex. A rousing speech is made by sector beforehand. We won the final score of that scrimmage, we were short 4 guys in the first match, but then we pulled together and got the total score in the second. Highlights include Rictor[GT] entering the passworded server as Rictor[GT], saying "Oops, wrong server" then jumping in as RQ also Sector standing playing Ramp Defense for a couple of minutes while holding the flag and Gath screaming in MM2 "Cap it Sector!" It's was very a sad performance, but well, it was our first scrimmage.

Screenshot of Game2


the time to gather our breathren has come.  The evil clan HEX has given
us no choice but to unleash the awesome power of MC upon them and any
vowing allegance with HEX.  What HEX lacks in skill they will compensate
with experience and coordination.... we will have to be at our best.  It
is true that we have never fully assembled for battle before tomorrow's
bloodbath.  But at one time or another I have fought with all of you and
am fully aware of our potential for victory.  Though we may be without
some of our finest combatants tomorrow they will be with us in spirit.
We must yearn for the day when they return so we can notify Who?[MC],
miMic[MC] and maCks[MC] of our glorius triumph versus HEX.  

Ok...  now that my battle speach is concluded,  tomorrow is a scrimmage
and not a true battle but I want us to treat it as a real battle.  We
must use it to learn each others style and to get to know your wingman
kinda thing.  

The plans are subject to change and nothing is permanent.  If you have
any suggestions, comments or concerns please let me know and we will
them and deal with them fairly.  

MC vs. HEX
Offense => RigorousQ[MC] demo
                 Phooey[MCL] pyro
                 Methlord[MC] demo

Snipers => Vortex[MC] upper
                 Ranma[MC] lower

Defense => Vidal[MC]  upper ramp soldier/HeavyWep
                  Stealth[MC] upper ramp soldier/demo  
                  Sector[MC] side ramp soldier
                  Eulogy[MC] upper area Medic
                  Cataclysm[MC] basement eng
                  Recon[MC] basement HeavyWep

- We will begin in a defensive posture feeling out the strength of our D.

- Once we feel secure and have fragged a few attackers we will unleash
our attack dogs.... hehe

- If our D is still holding well Ranma or Stealth or Vidal will join the attack.

- Cataclysm may later in the battle replace Vortex as Sniper

- If anyone has any info on a typical HEX setup... I would very much
like to hear about it

Vaya con dios,

Sociopath Joins
July 18, 1997 -Ranma
Sector recruits Sociopath as a Llama sniper for the Mercenaries. *bleat* I guess sector didn't like my performance as a sniper.. *snif* haha

'Moose and 'Bain
July 23, 1997 -Ranma
Two new recruits DaMoose and McBain join the mercenaries as we schedule another scrimmage with hex.

Second Scrimmage/New Webpage
July 24, 1997 -Ranma
Our second scrimmage with Hex goes well. We defeat them in both games with Sociopath and McBain losing their MCL status after this game. Also our
Clan Webpage finally goes up, hosted by Methlord. RigorousQ also retires from MC at this point to get back in the groove with GT. He is an honarary member however, and can drop by to practice and socialize at any time.

Screenshot of Game1
Screenshot of Game2

Event 2
June 3, 1997 -Ranma
okay this is event 2